Safety Dancing my way to your heart

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if my husband doesn’t cry when he sees me on our wedding day I will softy kick him in the shin until he sheds a tear 

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if i were a caterpillar i would probably emerge from my cocoon as another slightly fatter caterpillar

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1. A man won’t let go if he really loves you.

- Do not hold on to someone who has let go of you. He does not love you and does not value having you. Believe me, he will not let go if he really loves you. There is another reason he is not willing to tell.

2. Do not look for reasons why he ended…

Relationship Status: Morrissey

relationship status: (drives through the night while 80s synthpop plays in the background)


someone date me

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seeing someone you know but arent friends with in public is the worst thing ever

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people knowing that i’ve cried and people seeing me cry are two different things like i don’t care if people know i’ve cried because like everybody cries but when it comes to people actually being there and seeing me cry in the moment??? no. nope. nah. no thanks. i’m good. no thank you. let’s not

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sometimes people are like sunshine and sometimes people are like rainclouds but thats ok because both are important to make the flowers grow

i love you

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